The hands don’t lie…

The hands don’t lie…

The hands don’t lie…

If asked to recite our skincare routine and anti-ageing arsenal for our face, most ladies would be able to list a long repertoire of treatments, techniques and products – but could you say the same for your hands?

In the skincare world, your face ends at your décolletage, which is why we at neoSKiN know how important it is to extend your skincare routine south of the jawline. It would be a shame to focus all of your anti-ageing attention on your face, only for your chest to look older and out of place – and the same can be said for our hands.

An old adage of ‘mother’s wisdom’ is that you can always tell a lady’s age by her hands – and there’s no hiding from showing our hands from the world!

The skin on our hands is thinner than the skin on our face, and produces less naturally hydrating and protecting sebum, much like the skin around our eyes.

Wrinkles, ‘sun spots’ and uneven skin tone are all hazards our hands have to face when exposed to the elements; damaging UV rays while outside or driving (maybe there’s a case for bringing back driving gloves?), dehydrating hot water from chores and rough conditions when gardening all take their toll on the delicate skin on your hands.

As with all skin, UV rays are the key culprits when it comes to premature ageing so SPF protection should extend to your hands too.

Some of our favourite ways to win the battle of keeping your hands youthful are;

·      Hand cream is Clinique’s Even Better Dark Spot Correcting Hand Cream hydrates the hands and protects with SPF 15 while working to reverse the appearance of dark sun spots.

·      If you’re wanting to step up your defences and keep your hands looking fresh and youthful for longer, neoSKiN offer two targeted hand treatments to counteract ageing and environmental damage.

Our hands do so much for us already, so by taking care of them they might even be able to break the common belief that you can tell a lady’s age by her hands…

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