Beauty Sleep

Top tips to get your beauty sleep…

Sick and tired (literally) of feeling exhausted and bearing the brunt of what a lack of sleep does to your skin? Well, it’s time to take charge of your sleep and your skin with these three beauty sleep tips…

3 beauty sleep tips:

1.  Flick that switch – In an increasingly interconnected world surrounded by constant access to technology it can become hard to switch off. One of the most common causes of sleep deprivation is due to technology. Using any form of tablet, laptop, computer and phone for an hour before sleep will make it much more difficult for the body to switch off, so flick that switch and turn off all electronics at least an hour before bedtime.
2.  Bin the addiction – caffeine consumption in many cases is nothing more than a habit, and yes, it can be hard to break, however late afternoon/evening caffeine consumption can have a negative effect on our sleeping patterns.  By simply consuming your coffee in the morning or early afternoon this will have a dramatic impact and give you a better chance of having a deeper sleep. Warning: Green tea has around the same amount of caffeine as coffee. Do not be fooled!
3. Release the energy from within – As little as thirty minutes of exercise a day will enable a deeper sleep at nighttime. However, avoid exercising just before bedtime, this can have a negative effect and in fact stimulate us to stay awake.
Sleep is the easiest and cheapest form of beauty treatment, so it’s time to jump on the bandwagon and embrace a life full of adequate snooze time.

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