Fact: Oil for the skin is good

Fact: Oil for the skin is good

Fact: Oil for the skin is good

Long before creams and serums were on the market there were oils, and they were the secret to achieving youthful skin (Cleopatra swore by them). Today, oils are making a comeback with celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr and Emma Stone swearing by these slippery superstars.

“Why?” you might ask? While we have long been taught to think oils are the bad guys when it comes to skincare, the opposite is actually true. When we over cleanse and strip our skin of its natural sebum (oil), the sebum glands go into overdrive, actually producing more oil than we need and leaving us with dreaded greasy skin! By nourishing our skin with natural oils, we leave our skin hydrated and balanced.

Benefits to the skin include boosted collagen production, softening and plumping of the skin and increased moisture levels.

Here are three of neoSKiN’s favourite oils that will leave your skin looking flawless!

Almond oil – Known for its moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties

In the skincare industry almond oil is one of the most commonly used natural oils because the nut contains essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin E which help to generate healthy, supple skin. What’s more, this oil is light and extremely versatile. You can wipe it over eyes to remove makeup or massage it into the skin as a moisturiser.

Avocado oil – Great for relieving dry and itchy skin

Avocados are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins, including A, D and E, providing the skin with much needed moisture. This powerful oil also contains natural steroids which can be helpful to boost collagen production. But it doesn’t stop there, this oil has also been proven to reduce itching and inflammation of the skin and can help to soften rough and cracked skin.

Argan Oil – For fine lines and wrinkles

Apply some of this ‘liquid gold’ to your skin and reap the benefits today. Argan Oil contains fatty acids and antioxidants including Vitamin E which helps to keep cells healthy and functioning resulting in plump, firm skin.  Argan oils are also popular in hair products, due to its hydrating and nourishing elements, as well as leaving a glossy shine!

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